3rd Edge


Slinging pixels and paper since 2001.

3rd Edge helps brands make meaningful connections with people.

As a mission-driven marketer or development executive, your goal is to build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with your audience. Perhaps you desire to revitalize your fundraising program or need to tell the world about the life-changing work your charity is doing. Or you may be launching a new product or service. You’re willing to take risks for your message to break through. But your challenge is, “How do I move forward?”

That’s where 3rd Edge comes in. We’re collaborators. Partners. Since 2001, we’ve helped dozens of organizations develop brand experiences that engage, inform and persuade. Each of our relationships begins with learning...

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Impact at Every Touchpoint

Getting to know your business, audience and culture is vital to what we do. The insight we gain serves as the foundation for all our creative and strategic work. We’re agile. We can develop communications that speak to your audience wherever they live. Online. In environments. Through printed matter. And on their phones.

We measure how people react and use those results to improve the brand experiences we develop for you. While we’re pleased as punch that our work has garnered international recognition, what’s most satisfying is when a client tells us that the work has helped them achieve their goals.

Partnering with Change Agents

Our partners are leading humanitarian organizations, social enterprises and foundations working in the areas of health, research, education, the arts, social services, public interest law, community revitalization and more. Different areas of impact with a shared focus — improving the lives of people all over our world.

Industry Recognition We’ve Received

The quality and passion we put into all our work has been acknowledged internationally.

The Webby Awards
Horizon Interactive Awards
HOW Magazine
GD USA Magazine
Crescent Hills Books
American Design Awards
Index Books
NAPL Marketing Awards
MarCom Awards
International Business Awards
ARC Awards

Our FEARLESS leaders


Frankie Gonzalez headshot

Frankie Gonzalez

Principal + Creative Director

Frankie is a gregarious chap with no small amount of Bustelo coffee in his veins. He grew up in Manhattan's Lower East Side and graduated from Parsons School of Design. He served as an assistant Art Director at the New York Times before launching his freelance career in 1998.

Fascinated by the third rail of NYC trains, the significance and visual look of the number "3," and the competitive edge of good design, Frankie launched 3rd Edge in 2001. As Creative Director, he's won numerous awards, and many of his projects have been published internationally. In addition to loving typography, he enjoys solving visual communications challenges.

Frankie will readily admit to loving Indian food a touch more than Spanish, despite being Puerto Rican and Costa Rican. When he's not designing, he enjoys reading and studying theology, serving at his local church, and being with his wife and seven children.

Rob Monroe headshot

Rob Monroe

Director, Brand Strategy

Rob has a passion for connecting people with ideas, products and services that can make their lives better. The Brooklyn native’s studies in Architecture at Pratt Institute and Marketing at Baruch College and Dartmouth, give him a unique perspective on Business and Design.

He finds collaborating with nonprofits and businesses who all want to make the world a better place rewarding. There’s nothing better to him than using his information architecture, user experience design and content strategy skills to help organizations express why they matter.

Rob can’t make up his mind whether he likes Indian cuisine or pizza better, so he regularly enjoys both. He loves serving the community through his fellowship, Reflections Church in Bklyn. And he adores the young lady in Ethiopia he is privileged to support through Compassion International.