3rd Edge

Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

Nonprofit Program Branding & Infographics

Visualizing the Way Forward

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation sponsors the Diagnostics Accelerator (DxA) initiative along with Gates Ventures to “accelerate new research to find a simple yet reliable test to diagnose Alzheimer’s early in its progression.” In addition to the early and specific diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, the Diagnostics Accelerator seeks to develop innovative diagnostic tools and biomarkers for improving clinical trial design and quickly advancing potential treatments for patients.

Focus Area
  • Health & Research
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Branding

3rd Edge refreshed the program branding for the Diagnostics Accelerator via new designs featuring key funders, new tools on the horizon, and representative patients that the initiative serves. The new branding was utilized through a variety of online and event communications.

We also designed a series of branded, integrated infographics that highlights the progress ADDF has made in this area of science. Integrating DxA’s visual brand, we developed both animated and static infographics that were presented on various platforms including web, social media and e-mail.

The infographics highlight the critical need for new treatments and ADDF's leading role in bringing a wide range of organizations together to tackle the disease. All of the visuals are utilized in various presentations at key industry conferences.