3rd Edge

NYC Housing Development Corporation

2021 Digital Annual Report (50th Anniversary)

Revolutionizing Affordable Housing

The New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is widely recognized as the nation's leader in providing innovative financing for affordable housing projects. HDC has enabled New Yorkers to find homes for 50 years and they desired to celebrate this milestone via their first digital annual report.

Focus Area
  • Social & Economic Revitalization

Capturing Half a Century of Impact

Any organization that has achieved as much as HDC will have dozens and dozens of important milestones that deserve recognition. Our first job, in collaboration with their communications team, was to select the major milestones and associated content. Our content strategy involved a multimedia approach identifying historical photography, creating program highlight video and producing audio overviews featuring key HDC executives. This rich trove of content was the main driver of the report's visual design.

Interaction and Impact

The mobile responsive site is designed around an interactive timeline organized by decade. Each decade features a mix of photos, infographics, quotes, audio and video that brings HDC's work and impact to life. The timeline enables visitors to jump between decades, explore large-view archival photography, listen to audio and see scrolling impact data.

Presenting 2021's Progress

The 2021 segment of the report brings HDC's audience to the present. Accordions present successfully closed affordable housing projects while infographics amplify the immense scale of HDC's work for thousands of families.

To demonstrate HDC's impact close up, we created a "before and after" slideshow that shows the scope of their renovation work in a large residential complex in The Bronx. People can see how HDC creates safe, livable environments for NYC residents.

The report also presents the people behind HDC's life-changing work. Partner agencies and industry organizations can access Project & Loans as well as Financial Statements for more insight.