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New Brunswick Tomorrow


Revitalizing a City

New Brunswick Tomorrow has served as the catalyst for New Brunswick, New Jersey’s social revitalization since the early 1970s. They needed a digital presence that forged clear connections between their work and the resulting improvement in quality of life for city residents.

Focus Area
  • Social & Economic Revitalization


The site was crafted to put NBT’s success stories up front and center. The home page engages visitors with a video montage that serves to highlight key programs.

New Brunswick Tomorrow Website Home Page
New Brunswick Tomorrow Website Interior Page


Throughout the site, vivid photography, icons and information graphics share how NBT identifies social and economic challenges and collaboratively develops solutions to improve people’s lives. We originally created NBT’s visual brand several years ago and the site’s redesign also gave us an opportunity to bring out the brand’s full color palette.

NBT Neighborhoods Icon
NBT Health Icon
NBT Leadership Icon
NBT Children & Youth Icon
NBT Children & Youth Program Diagram
NBT Neighborhoods Program Diagram
NBT Health Program Diagram
NBT Leadership Program Diagram
NBT Website Mobile View
NBT Website Mobile View
NBT Website Mobile View


The site’s navigational system was reorganized around NBT’s four main program areas. Key pages such as About and Newsroom were redeveloped into single-page experiences that are more useful to visitors. A large “mega-menu” enables people to quickly learn the nature of each section’s information and access it in a single click. Clear calls-to-action throughout the site offer people the opportunity to make an impact.

NBT Website animated mega menu
“We were ready to evolve our presence online so that the people we serve and collaborate with could see the impact of our work. 3rd Edge was sensitive to our goals and helped us create a website that truly represents where NBT is today.”
Monica Reyes
Former Manager of Communications